Starting or growing a new business? Need support in your professional development? Want a major career change? Perhaps you want more in life but are feeling stuck?

I can help you live the life you envision for yourself.
Whichever path you are on, I can help you focus, visualise, plan and action your goals. Even if your particular journey isn't listed above, I have expertise working with women in all stages of their lives and career to take big strides, no matter their age or experience.

Coaching is self-care: an upfront investment for your future.
For the cost of five pounds a day, which is likely to be your daily spend on lunch going into the office, you can invest in yourself, declutter your mind and focus down on your goals.

It's a small cost for a long term investment in your future.
Nothing is more valuable than that when you put such a small outlay into context with your earning power, your freedom to work for yourself, or taking steps to financial independence.

The format

Activate Futures is a digitally accessible platform and coaching services are offered through a number of channels depending on what suits the client:

  • Face to face
  • On the phone
  • Via Zoom (or other online conferencing software)

What Can I Do For You?


Executive Coaching

Are you an aspirational woman looking to accelerate into a leadership role?


Career Coaching

Are you an established woman in a leadership role looking to change career?


Business Coaching

Female entrepreneurs: Do you have a business that you're looking to grow?


Life Coaching

Are you someone prone to procrastination and feeling stuck?


Light Touch Coaching

Need a boost in life and some accountability for your goals but on a flexible basis?


Onboarding Coaching

Just stepping into a new role or a position of seniority?


Activate Futures Youth

I also offer services to younger women between ages 13 - 18, providing schools and colleges 1-1 coaching programmes and group work sessions.

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