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Instilling confidence and self determination to inspire the next generation of women.

Do you know a young person, or a group of young people, who need help realising their full potential? Perhaps they need support to implement change in their lives for a positive outcome. Activate Youth coaching aims to coach young women alongside their education, providing a non-judgmental space to build the additional tools they need to succeed, whatever stage of the adolescent journey they might be in.

School life: making it make sense

This programme works alongside schools, teachers, parents and education professionals to support anyone who might be struggling through adolescence and the different challenges faced while still in education. Activate Youth offers tailored programmes to support those who would benefit from developing key life skills alongside their education.

Activate Youth sessions and workshops:

Feeling good about myself: developing social skills, confidence, enthusiasm and self esteem
Feeling in charge of myself: gaining a sense of self determination and empowerment
Knowing how to insert barriers: support and guidance around friendship groups and peer pressure
What about me is special? Developing a positive sense of identity
Being in control of my studies: overcoming procrastination, developing focus, organisation and an action plan through exams
Who do I want to become? Motivating your young person to choose a future they envision for themselves and the building blocks to get themselves there.

How can coaching young women help?

So many children are unaware of how wonderful they are. Given the right environment, they can often be natural overachievers, but they may not be challenged in the right ways or distracted by external influences - relationships, school life and even social media, leaving them unable to focus.

These factors can often become a marker for self worth, particularly social media, potentially affecting the lifelong relationship they will have with themselves. These influences can impact their motivations or lack of in adult life, as well as the connections they choose with others right from adolescence to adulthood.

This coaching method aims to reduce those influences and offers an extra helping hand to young women who may feel off-course, supporting them towards control over their lives, making positive choices for their own future because they know their value.

It's not a miracle cure, it's about providing a platform with a qualified coach to engage young people in those vital conversations they need in life, helping them reframe their challenges and experiences in a practical and progressive way.

Menu of services

Group coaching for up to six members with some one to one sessions to complement the group sessions

Individual coaching for up to ten members

A coaching seminar - more general and suited for a whole class

Tailored programmes can be created to suit the individual needs of the young people and schools concerned and sessions can be conducted either in person, online, during or after school, and even at weekends. It's completely flexible.

Charisse Monero's work with young people

Charisse Monero is a fully qualified coach, CRB checked and has worked extensively within areas that affect young people. She has built a successful career over the last sixteen years within Children and Youth Services, working with young people who are confronted by many different and difficult situations.

She is passionate about helping young women realise their capabilities, supporting them through difficult times in their personal and professional development. Her technique is derived from coaching techniques that focus on strengths. She teaches how to reframe to change perspective and see new possibilities, helping individuals feel better about themselves and understand what they can achieve.

Charisse's passion to help young people understand their potential is the reason she's made this service available to young women in affordable group sessions and packages which schools can subscribe to.

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Sessions will be conducted within a safeguarded setting with parental consent.

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