Career Change Coaching Are you looking to transition into a new career?

A career change can happen across the spectrum for women in whatever stage of life, and it can be a major transition sometimes, particularly if your existing job is a major part of your identity.

Of course it can also be a mild change to your previous job, but you may still want support through the process.

You may have already have done the diagnostics and be aware of the practical timespan of transition. You may have already embarked on additional training to get you closer to your dream role. I can work with you if you've already been through this process and just need support to make the leap.

I can also work with you if you are much earlier on in your transition, and need someone to help support you from the beginning, planning and identifying goals, timelines, training needs, or even help identifying a new career.

Focussing on your strengths, together we'll look at:

  • Transferability of your skills
  • Experiences that will export you into your new career
  • Helping you build the visualisation around the career you want

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