Executive Performance Coaching Performance Enhancing Coaching for Women in Leadership

This service is for women who are CEO's, directors and others in leadership looking for a structured coaching programme to support them in their current job.

This programme can be your tool to navigate a team through complex change strategy or for leading a strategic piece of work.

Together we diagnostically identify key attributes you could enhance and develop to help you take the next big steps.

The best CEO's you've ever had? They all had coaching to enhance their performance. That's because positions of seniority can be lonely, meaning you don't get those trusted conversations around your daily challenges that you may have had earlier in your progression.

It's invaluable to be able to have an objective and nuanced conversation about organisational culture so you can be supported and navigate situational scenarios with a trusted third party. A good coach will help you experiment with tactics which is crucial when trust is like gold dust.

This coaching programme seeks to:

  • Optimise performance
  • Increase effectiveness
  • Mobilise individuals within their current careers
  • Accelerate individuals into a higher position in their job

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