Life Coaching Programme Prone to procrastination & feeling stuck?

Are you a natural procrastinator, but you know you can do so much more? Set intentional goals with an action plan. This coaching model is for people not leading the best version of their lives and needing to set goals and be accountable.

You're talented, skilled, exceptional with bags of untapped potential. You have things you want to do, but they'll always be done another day. Other things saturate your time. You're 'too busy': code for being too busy for self reflection.

Because pushing forward with your goals means facing up to the problems one might have learned to live with rather than deal with. Overwhelm can have a paralytic effect and you may even have conditional circumstances that are holding you back. Let's not forget that reaching for our goals is scary, because what if we fail?

This coaching programme isn't about making anyone feel bad, it's about making you feel motivated. Let's face it, we're all guilty of not living to our full potential at different times in life. Deep down many of us know we have much more power than we allow ourselves to harness.

This coaching model will look at:

  • What the barriers are to your success
  • Teaching you to be disciplined and ritualistic
  • Discover the elevation of self esteem and self belief

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