Light Touch Coaching Accountability on a Flexible Basis

For those who need a little boost in life - accountability on a flexible basis. For anyone who is setting themselves small goals and needs some accountability without the need for a long programme.

Perhaps you've already accessed a longer coaching programme and want a top up to get you back on track, or perhaps you want to dip your toes in and see what my sessions are like.

Others who may find this level of service useful:

  • Those with immediate problems in need of an actionable solution without long term commitment
  • Women in early career paths who want support without commitment
  • Women in senior roles who need an occasional sounding board
  • Business owners needing support through short term challenges
  • Busy women with frenetic lifestyles or family lives who need to access coaching on a casual basis
  • Middle managers experiencing executive issues in need of an objective third party

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