Onboarding Coaching Stepping into a new role or a position of seniority?

Ensuring the most successful and safe landing in the first critical few months of a new job. This programme offers orientation to sustain success at a time when quick wins are crucial.

How do you onboard into your new place of work and acclimatise to a new cultural environment? Following Michael Watkins' 90 day methodology, this programme is for those starting a new position in their current organisation, or in a new role in a different geographical area.

Designed to help you start on a successful footing, together we assess what are the key areas to invest and prioritise. We start by carrying out a full diagnostic of the current situation to help accelerate you in the first 30 to 90 days of your new role. We address working with your team, balanced with orientation for yourself and being able to secure those essential quick wins and how to establish a relationship with your boss.

You can't do everything, and after all, you are at the start of your journey. This process ensures that expectations are aligned with your bosses and feed into your plan, helping you establish a level of assertiveness at a delicate and risky time of transition.

This programme can be short or long term.

The programme may stop at six sessions and be enough. If you feel you need support on a longer term basis we'll work out a plan for coaching on a longer term basis.

The first phase covers:

  • 1. Diagnostic
  • 2. Plan
  • 3. Implementation

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